Next Party - July 30th

This July 30th Deep Playa returns with our world famous (100% true) beach party to celebrate our 2nd birthday đŸ¥³.

Just a 1h drive from NYC, we party up under the night sky with the sound of the ocean lapping at the shore.

Dance with sand beneath your toes and the Manhattan skyline in the distance. Location will be announced on the day of the event, snag yourself an advance ticket and be sure to sign up to the mailing list to be in on the secret.

Welcome home

Deep Playa is a place where mystery, magic, and connection coalesce. It lives forever in your mind and heart. Dancing is in us. In our spirits, in our souls, it’s a primordial essence embedded deep within us. In mid-July 2020 we began dancing again. Outdoors. On beaches, in fields, in parks, in the woods.

After the first Deep Playa, we knew we were on the precipice of creating a new New York scene that embraces more of the Burn than we ever have in the default.

2020 taught us how powerful we are when we align with our values, when we are part of a community, when we show up, and when we know, trust, and lean on our neighbours. So let’s continue to raise each other up. After all, it takes a village.

Deep Playa was born out of love: for each other, for others, for the music. From the first party (remember that 360° sunset? Or the full rainbow across the sky at the third?), we instantly knew that this was something incredible that we would continue co-creating with you.

You are part of something so special and so needed: a community focused on local talent from makers to musicians, artists to owners, and one based on love, trust, integrity, consent, high vibes, the 10 principles, and damn good music. And we're just getting started. We want to take you with us: to places you've never been before right outside your door, and outside the city, to show you some of the most beautiful places you've never even heard of.

We appreciate your presence, your light, your magic, and your support in every form. If you'd like to offer help or would like to collaborate (and to be added to our Telegram channel), please fill out this Google form.

We have so much to show you. Come with us.

With Dusty Love,

Deep Playa

Burning bright in the dark.