Mission and Vision

Deep Playa Arts Foundation provides a vibrant sanctuary for individuals who cherish dance music and embody the spirit of exploration and creativity reminiscent of Burning Man's 10 principles. Our foundation offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature and like-minded souls in New York City's hidden outdoor spaces. Through our carefully curated music and artistic revelry, we address the urban challenge of finding meaningful connections to nature and each other. Participants are invited into a co-creative journey where they can express themselves through dance, flow arts, and immersive creative experiences all while contributing to a collective effort that leaves every site better than we found it. With over 35 productions over the past four years, we are shaping the future of NY nightlife, fusing love of nature and community with art and dance.

Our mission extends beyond momentary experiences; we are a woman-founded non-profit that aims to evolve into a landmark festival that harmonizes unbelievably amazing music with immersive experiences, art, elevated vibes, and environmental stewardship through park beautification efforts and artist support. This festival will not only spotlight local talent and encourage community involvement but will also foster collaborations with major organizations, nightclubs, artists, and environmental activists. By embracing a participatory culture where attendees help co-create the event— offering unique activations such as fire-spinning, screen printing, light paint photography, snack bars, reiki, tarot readings and more— we offer a one-night micro-festival atmosphere that feels like a family reunion under the stars.

Deep Playa Arts Foundation is more than an event; it's a movement towards nurturing the healing powers of nature through joyous collective expression and environmental responsibility. Join us in transforming New York City's lesser-known parks into stages for unforgettable connections, music, and art, helping to pave the way for a future where community, creativity, and care for our planet flourish together.