Future Guy

meet guy

Guy is a Deep Playa resident DJ and artist. He began DJing in 2017 and now performs live with his synth and sequencer. He spent much of 2020 honing his live performance skills, taking his DJing to the next level. A cinematographer in a past life, Guy has a passion for anything artistic and you'll frequently see him with his 360 camera

from the artist

DJing is part of my spiritual journey. It began in 2017. Music and film were my main passions in life and 30 years ago I decided to focus on film. After a 30 year career as a cinematographer, it was one sunrise at Burning Man that made me understand that my calling is to tell the same stories I do visually but now with sound.

A near-death experience and ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru continue to guide and define the type of musical frequencies I choose for my sets, along with 30 years of being in the house music scene. I'm not a downtempo DJ: I need to bring energy to the dance floor because that is what I would demand if in my dancing shoes. I keep that energy up by layering my sets with sounds from my extensive collective of sound frequencies using a sequencer and a synth.

live performaNces

Guy spent much of 2020 learning to use the Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 Performance DJ Sampler, an interactive sampler and sequencer that allows him to live program his own beats, bass, percussion, samples, and vocal chops over the music he is playing.